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Thread: i want nintendo switch buuut

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    i want nintendo switch buuut

    I would say wait until the system comes out.
    Wait until games are confirmed for the launch window. The system won’t change between release and a year after release hardware wise.
    The Wii was a runaway success because of who Nintendo marketed the system towards. The WiiU was less successful because Nintendo bet against the trends of the current market and lost. This is a major bet by Nintendo that they want to draw in mobile gamers, but whether those people who have smartphones at all time and play less than $5 games will buy what amounts to a tablet that will have mostly $20-60 games is anyone’s guess. Sure it can dock at home, but it is no PS4 or Xbox One
    Wait until we get more details. Wait until people put the system to the test.
    Then decide.

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    im defiantly gonna wait (financially & just cause) because like I said it seems really good but there is nothing new about it besides the actual console design. I know there isn’t going to be anything cool announced at the launch. more Mario, sonic, and legend of Zelda (sheik deserves her own game). I noticed skyrim and a sports title but those are just cash grabs/ hypies to try and show diversity.
    and of course I know Nintendo isn’t trying to contend with ps4 and xbox. they’ve always tried to take a different approach or go for a different goal entirely.
    all in all im looking forward to the launch to see what they bring to the table.

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    I want it for the IP and for the nice party trick of being able to play Skyrim on my TV and on the go. I’m not concerned with the specs or the software (I’m sure the UX/UI will be shit like every other console) I’m sold on the games themselves.

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