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Thread: Should I get PS3 Slim?

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    Should I get PS3 Slim?

    If you want a ps3, then get a ps3. There’s a big enough catalog of games for you to enjoy, and they’re certainly affordable. Not sure who told you that a 360 is more reliable than a ps3. The opposite is pretty much universally accepted. The ps3 has a reported lifetime failure rate of 3%, and the 360 having a last reported rate of 54% in 2009. Though to give Microsoft credit, they did eventually get that rate down to normal levels on a year by year basis, just no current reported failure rate for lifetime ales that i could fine so i went with the last reported.

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    Really in terms of reliability the only PS3 that are known to be a little temperamental are the first run 20 and 60GB models that are hard to find since they’re also the only ones that have hardware support for PS2 games. you should be fine with what ever version you get. I’m pretty sure most people prefer the Slim over the Fat and SuperSlim models but that mainly because they tend to have the best balance between compactness and rigidness but really you shouldn’t have a problem with whatever you choose. just try to get the biggest hdd you can.

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    If you’ve never played on an Xbox 360 and this console would be your first foray into that console generation, then sure, pick up a PS3. If you had a 360 and got plenty of playtime out of it, I’m inclined to say otherwise. After being heavily invested in the 360, I got a PS3 and found the exclusives to be rather lacking and aside from maybe a half-dozen games total over the last several years, I feel like the purchase was a bit of a mistake. If you’re not interested in Japanese games, then don’t bother, really.

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