Thanks to have voted.
The poll reflects exactly the reality with following results:

  • Photo1: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)
  • Photo2: camera 2 = iPhone (71% of good answers)
  • Photo3: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)
  • Photo4: camera 2 = iPhone (28% of good answers)
  • Photo5: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)

This is quite interesting.
In low light or for shallow DOF, this is just obvious for everyone, even at very small size here on internet.
The exterior part with some fill flash is showing to be confusing with only 1/3 of good answer.
But the most interesting is the picture 5 where we are in the best case scenario for a small sensor with plenty of light and the mirrorless stop down to the same small aperture (the same physical aperture so f/13) and taken in lower resolution. Even here, the difference of resolution that a bigger sensor can pull out is obvious for 100% of the voters.
People use to say that 12Mp is enough. But truth is that the iPhone 6S is even not resolving as much as the 9Mp of the JPEG of the mirrorless and is more in the 4-5Mp region. Bigger sensor camera (all other flagships) are in the 7-8Mp region but this where we are today.

Thanks for the participation to everyone. At least, people can now realize that indeed, smartphone still are far to dethrone bigger sensor results, even in very small size shared on social network.