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Thread: Are smartphone camera good enough? iPhone 6S versus A7R

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    Are smartphone camera good enough? iPhone 6S versus A7R

    Thanks to have voted.
    The poll reflects exactly the reality with following results:

    • Photo1: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)
    • Photo2: camera 2 = iPhone (71% of good answers)
    • Photo3: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)
    • Photo4: camera 2 = iPhone (28% of good answers)
    • Photo5: camera 1 = iPhone (100% of good answers)

    This is quite interesting.
    In low light or for shallow DOF, this is just obvious for everyone, even at very small size here on internet.
    The exterior part with some fill flash is showing to be confusing with only 1/3 of good answer.
    But the most interesting is the picture 5 where we are in the best case scenario for a small sensor with plenty of light and the mirrorless stop down to the same small aperture (the same physical aperture so f/13) and taken in lower resolution. Even here, the difference of resolution that a bigger sensor can pull out is obvious for 100% of the voters.
    People use to say that 12Mp is enough. But truth is that the iPhone 6S is even not resolving as much as the 9Mp of the JPEG of the mirrorless and is more in the 4-5Mp region. Bigger sensor camera (all other flagships) are in the 7-8Mp region but this where we are today.

    Thanks for the participation to everyone. At least, people can now realize that indeed, smartphone still are far to dethrone bigger sensor results, even in very small size shared on social network.

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    This is complete bunk.
    1) its right there in the title of the post – "good enough". Not "nearly as good as", not "equivalent", not "the same as", not "can’t tell the difference", not "better". Good enough. And nothing in this post talks about whether smartphone cameras are good enough.
    2) whenever people talk about smartphone cameras being good enough and this leading to a decline in the need for/the market for dedicated cameras, they are these days typically talking about entry level DSLRs, epitomised by something like the Canon Rebel. They are talking about the kind of camera you get for a few hundred dollars with a slow kit zoom. Nobody is talking about full frame cameras.
    3) when people talk about something being good enough, it is an appraisal of that thing’s qualities combined with other factors such as the price of that thing, the size of the thing, the convenience of having or using that thing. All of this combined is then compared to the combined qualities of other options. This post fails to account for any of the other factors that go into deciding whether something is good enough.

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    I’ve seen a few people claim on other Verge forums that FF cameras are doomed. Atmost inevitably they are tech heads and not actual photographers.

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    Fine, I will not debate forever what is "good enough" for one and what is not for the other.
    But for me, the things is that you often hear that it is almost not possible to distinguish pictures from a smartphone than from a bigger sensor camera.
    And what examples you get with that is picture of the iPhone 7 during NFL matches with plenty of light and deep DOF.

    But once you want to have a wide angle, or a telephoto picture, or a low light image without flash, or one with flash but bounce on the roof to diffuse evenly the light, or portrait with shallow DOF, a landscape where you need to push the shadows 3-4 stops because you did not want to blow the highlights… all those different conditions you encounter regularly, the difference is simply huge.
    The fact that it is so apparent on those 0,3-0,4Mp crop is a proof of that.
    So while the smartphone camera is obviously very convenient and the reason why it is so important, it will not replace anytime soon a dedicated camera in the near future as well as watching movies on a phone will not make theatre or Home Cinema home setup disappear.
    For the record, I do not find the low light picture with flash of the iPhone "good enough". It is pure garbage and unusable.

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