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Thread: Beef or bust: using proper letter casing on social platforms

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    Beef or bust: using proper letter casing on social platforms

    Oddly enough, I find it to be network specific. I’m very grammar-conscious on Facebook, but I basically throw caution to the wind when I’m on Tumblr. Twitter is a mixed bag depending on the topic at hand; commentary on tech and news is spellchecked while tweets about my personal life are spontaneous and fluid (as Twitter was when it first launched).
    I agree that brands should keep grammar in-check though. The last thing you want is to be featured by Brands Saying Bae.

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    Proper casing all the time unless used for EMPHASIS.

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    I generally only tweet with proper punctuation and grammar if I’m being capital s Serious about something, most of the time casing and grammar goes out the window to sound more casual
    although i think i’ve also picked up the linguistic trait from tumblr of typing in lower case and stringing together what should be multiple sentences separated with punctuation into one long flowing sentence

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    I tend to have the same writing style across Twitter, texting, commenting (on here or Reddit) and professionally. I had unlimited texts fairly early on so I never really had to use text speak and so my style hasn’t ever really changed from how it developed during my education. The only slight variance is on Twitter when I have to fit the character limitation.

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