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Thread: Best iPhoto / Mac Photos alternative

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    Google+Is not going to work as there is no API for accessing them from 3rd party applications.Flickr would be a much, much better choice.
    Also, Google+ feature set is limited by which desktop browser or mobile platform you use.

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    Best iPhoto / Mac Photos alternative

    I ditched iPhotos awhile ago because Apple was dragging their feet too long on rolling out a proper cloud solution. Now that we have one, there ain’t no way I’m going to fit my photo library in the pathetic amount of free space they give you on iCloud.
    First, I tried Flickr and I really did not like it at all. Downloading photos was a pain (not sure if that is sorted). I only used the service for my own photos, but the iOS app would launch on a social feed type page that I was uninterested in. Ultimately, I felt that the Flickr website intentionally made it difficult to download all your photos in mass.
    I’m using OneDrive now. The 1TB of storage space that came with the Office 365 sub was very attractive to me as my photo library is over 20GB now. The iOS app doesn’t properly background sync for me on either my iPhone or my iPad—so opening the app is required for me to get my photos in my camera roll properly uploaded to the service. I like the service though. The addition of galleries is nice. It also automatically OCRs all your images which has actually (surprisingly) already come in handy for me as I was able to search for a photo of a document and find it.
    Photo editing and manipulation tools on the OneDrive website leaves a lot to be desired.

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    I’m just going to echo Nickerbocker. I also tried Flickr. I have a bunch of my old photos (from 2006 – 2012 or so) on there, but I don’t really know how they’re sorted. It’s a pain. And slow to manage so many photos. I probably should have created albums for individual years or something first, my bad. But now it’s a nightmare.
    Now I’m using OneDrive to backup stuff. It’s a bummer that it won’t upload in the background like iCloud or something, but I can just open the app once a day or whatever to keep it up to date.
    Managing so many photos truly is a nightmare. iCloud Photo Library seems like a great solution but I don’t want to pay $5/month for the 200 gb option.

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    Yea, background tasks on iOS sucks. I actually think OS X is fine. I think iOS is the weak link for Photography Workflow.
    iPhoto can reference files as well, so you don’t actually need to upgrade to Photos to use a Cloud Storage service. However, I’m not sure how you’d reconcile the catalogs for photo management apps across platforms (maybe store them in OneDrive or DropBox as well?)… I though of this, but I don’t see it turning out well. Too much potential for corruption, things getting out of sync, etc.
    Lightroom is probably the best solution, along with Flickr. It can connect to Flickr and do 2-Way Synchronization.
    Other than that, I’d wait for Windows 10 and hope Microsoft releases its Photos app for OS X and iOS (which is likely, but I’m not sure exactly HOW likely it is).
    Also, the 200GB Option for iCloud Storage is $3.99. In any case, Getting Office 365 is a MUCH better deal, especially since Office is so superior to iWork and there really aren’t any competitive offerings available on the Mac the way there is WordPerfect Office on Windows. LibreOffice is… well it is what it is, Lol.

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