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Thread: The Irony - Facebook want Flash dead

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    The Irony - Facebook want Flash dead

    That’s his job. Anyway, how many people are sitting in front of laptops/desktops and playing casual games? Everything’s gone/going mobile.
    DRM’d content and live video streaming appear to be the two major holdouts with Flash (outside of legacy sites that haven’t bothered upgrading).

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    I’d say those things are still one of the biggest productivty killers in offices.

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    While I’m normally not one to push something non-standard, were more browsers to adopt Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) it’d solve these issues I believe (HLS can be used for pre-existing content as well as live content). I have heard HLS was submitted as a draft for standards acceptance too.

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    Windows Update keeps it up to date on Windows, but Apple isn’t going to build it into their devices/OS the way Microsoft has. I kind of wish Microsoft would remove it so that it could accelerate its death, and Flash being such a security risk can lead to compromises before a PC is updated or between updates (when the vulnerability isn’t widely known and exploits exist, but patches do not).
    At least they’re letting us disable it in Windows 10.

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    You could always disable it in Windows 8?

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