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Thread: Destiny: the Taken King — go/no-go?

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    Destiny: the Taken King — go/no-go?

    I’m pumped.

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    The more I’ve seen, the more excited I’ve become.
    Today’s stream pushed me over the bump in to "Preordered" territory.

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    Will get it when it drops way down in price. I paid $100 for the original game and expansion packs. Should not have to pay another $40. The game is not worth $140 bucks.
    This is coming from someone who has every weapon worth holding, every exotic armor piece and over 800 hours put in to the game. All characters maxed. Have not played since February, Dark Below was Meh. House of wolves, played it two or three times, just led to the same repetitious game play as usual.

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    Technically, I haven’t preordered, but I’ll get around to it sometime
    Go, go, go!

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    Technically, I havent preordered, but Ill get around to it sometime
    Go, go, go!

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