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Thread: How do you promote a blog?

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    How do you promote a blog?

    I recommend using WordPress. The users can view the posts without knowing about the site.
    Also, the themes are killing.

    My blog is

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    Why you dont buy hosting service for your blog? you can self hosted it, you have a good design but i think it will be good to get it on your own domain without the, you can check this list for cheap and reliable wordpress hosting provider.

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    Yup, I use Wordpress. It is really good. However, I want more readership! :P

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    Struggled with this for a while, but you have to be a shameless self promoter. Make a Facebook Page for the blog, get friends to like it, make your friends admins, get them to add their friends etc. Every time you write an article, post a status about it in your personal Facebook account and one on the blog Facebook account. If your writing/site is decent, your friends will notice and you can ask them to write for you – they’ll then share it on their Facebook and Twitter statuses. At first I wasn’t keen on doing so many Facebook statuses cos I didn’t want to be annoying, but you’ll get a surprisingly positive response from friends and randoms also. It’s REALLY slow going, especially at the beginning, and you really have to keep it consistent, dont get disheartened by how slow the response is.
    Also, with Twitter you have to be tweeting the same article numerous times a day, as well as hashtagging the particular topic, then end of the week tweet your 3 favourite articles you’ve written in a “what you may have missed this week” kind of way. Also, submit your site to
    Good luck

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