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Thread: Best secure and quick messenger?

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    Best secure and quick messenger?

    Telegram allows you to send anything, but I believe it is limited to 25mb. Not sure. Pretty good and quick.

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    I’m a very big fan of Telegram and do send files here and there. Haven’t tried anything crazy but it works very well for me.

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    Carrier Pigeon.
    Thanks for your responses!
    I am already using Telegram but think that it is not as safe as it looks because if you send a Wireshark, you immediately understand that the messages you send go firstly to a server and after that to the receiver. Even if you send a message while the other part is offline and sign out from the messenger, as soon as he becomes online, he receives the message. This automatically means that there is a server in the middle.

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    I think you can initiate a private conversation with Telegram that is end-to-end encrypted and doesn’t transit via any server.
    There also Whisper that is well reviewed and there was an app called which was developed by the creator of the Pirate Bay but I don’t know where the project stands now.

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    Telegram rules! One of the best secure IMs!

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