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Thread: Why do People Call Chromebooks "Just a Web Browser"?

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    Why do People Call Chromebooks "Just a Web Browser"?

    1.) Nope, you don’t have MS Office.
    2.) Netbooks were in theory fully functioning PCs that were useful only as a web browser due to Atom/Cat lack of speed. Chromebook is just a web browser (without Linux), even in Pixel version.
    3.) Storage is definitely not an issue for Chromebooks – as you said your 16 GB of software won’t have any place on Chromebooks as these machines are just web browsers.
    4.) Keyboard and mouse have nothing to do with the machine being just a web browser. Netbooks had those and were (in practice) just web browsers.

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    Well, technically, there is Office 365….

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    The online versions are limited compared to the desktop ones. They’re nice, but definitely not full Office.

    Posted onFeb 2, 2016 | 5:03 PM

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    There’s Google drive, sheets, and slides…

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    Netbooks, at least during their peak of popularity (~2009) were terrible at pretty much everything, including web browsing.

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