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Thread: SteelSeries Sensei vs Razer Mamba!

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    I’m not really hearing where you think the Mamba is superior to the Sensei. It sounds like you’re overwhelmingly in favour of the SteelSeries mouse. If it helps any, Puppey of Team Secret was using a Sensei during the Dota 2 Frankfurt Major this month. On the other hand, Ferrari 430, another well known pro Dota player, has been using an obscure EC2 mouse.
    You don’t really need anything too fancy or super-duper advanced, I don’t think. I’ve used pretty much every gaming mouse around and in the end it’s the most basic and simply designed ones that win out.

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    SteelSeries Sensei vs Razer Mamba!

    Hi Vlad,
    Thank You for the suggestion. I am very well versed with the e-Sports scene. I do favor Simple design and movement over fancy lights! Anyway, can you please give me the link where Secret.Puppey is seen playing with the SteelSeries Sensei ! I AM A BIG FAN OF HIS CHEN PLAYS

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    It was one of the tournament matches, I’ve no idea which. I also, to be fair, am not certain it was a Sensei, though it was most definitely a SteelSeries. Puppey used to be under the SteelSeries sponsorship in his Na’Vi days, so this is probably just a matter of habit.
    I return to this thread with salient and monumentally important news: I switched to the Sensei I had lying around at home after seeing your post and haven’t lost a game of Dota since. If we ignore the small sample size of 5 games, I’d say that’s conclusive evidence to say it’s the better MOBA mouse.

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    I have owned several Razer products and the build quality overall has been questionable on some of the items. With that in mind, the items were so good in some cases when they failed I immediately purchased another one. I had a Black Widow (no issues with it and was flawless), a Razer Naga (I had to repurchase it one time, and also bought a Logitech G600 which I ended up preferring more) as well as an Orbweaver (first one failed and I bought another one…my favorite game pad ever).
    If you feel the SteelSeries mouse is going to have better quality, go that route. It isn’t that I hate Razer, I just can’t be certain how long the product will last (it may not last 100%). I’m actually genuinely like Logitech at this point. I’m digging the Logitech G710 (Cherry MX Blues). I never had an issue with an old G15 keyboard I bought like 6 years ago as well as my G600. Works flawlessly and has options that others make you pay extra for. Just my two cents.

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