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Thread: Protecting your work on multi-author blog site

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    Protecting your work on multi-author blog site

    Copyright is automatic, however I think The Verge, because it’s a job for these writers, takes ownership of their work. Even when they leave, The Verge still owns all the content the person made while working there. Otherwise, the person is simply being paid to make content for themselves and, when they leave, could demand the content be removed, which isn’t good when you rely on Reviews to be available forever.

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    Absolutely right. You do not need to do anything to retain copyright of your own work. In the case of your bloggers, they will own the copyright to their work.

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    You need to see an attorney and draw up some contracts and licenses. There is a real question as to who owns the copyright for each work: the artists? The blog? The blog’s members? Owners? When you do work for someone else (like posting your work to a blog), your copyright can be called into question.
    Draw up some relationship contracts and licenses if needed to protect your/her work.
    Quick info to get your started on the issues:

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    And actually, it’s likely that Josh signed over his rights to his content when he created The Verge. Same as when he was over at Engadget. You don’t see him bringing his old content from there do you?

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