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Thread: iOS from Android photo aggregators

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    iOS from Android photo aggregators

    I don’t have any experience with One Gallery, but if you are worried about transferring your photos to iOS then I would suggest using Google Photos. Unlimited free storage. I use that currently on my iPhone and Android devices to sync them all to the same account and take all of my pictures with me wherever I go, no matter what device I am using. I no longer use Dropbox or iCloud or any other photo storage service, Google Photos beats all those apps for my needs.
    Hope that helps!

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    thanks for the reply, was thinking I wasn’t gonna get a catch, heh.
    Yeah I already have it downloaded on iTunes ready. Tell me have you ever taken advantage of Flickr’s 1Tb of space and if so, whats the app like, does it conflict with icloud in any way?
    Google photo’s is amazing on Android, I’m assuming it’s the same on iOS?

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    I haven’t really use Flickr much, I use Google Photos for storage, and I’m active on Tumblr/Instagram. I just didn’t see the need for another photo service. That being said, if you don’t like Google Photos then I would give Flickr a chance.
    I personally LOATHE iCloud. I try to find any way around it I can.
    Google Photo’s as far as I can tell is very similar, if not the same app on Android & iOS.

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    Oh, I do love GP, it’s probably the best app I’ve ever used, I pestered them for a vital feature that I though it was missing, turns out it’s already in the app, sorta.
    It’s just GP gives you unlimited ‘High quality’ photo’s using their compression system, wherein Frickr gives you a terabyte free, googles offering for original quality photos is limited to your google drive limitations, so for me, thats not even 40gb.
    I’m already extremely dubious of the prospect of using iCloud, hence this post..
    Thanks again.

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    I use both Google Photos and OneDrive for photo backups. GP has unlimited storage of compressed photos, while OneDrive has limited storage but images are the original files. The amount of storage OneDrive I have is more than enough for storing pictures taken from my phones.

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