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Thread: What happened to Core M?

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    What happened to Core M?

    14 nm CPUs.
    They are difficult to manufacture and as one goes towards smaller and smaller transistors,a lot of heat is produced.And you need to engineer in such a manner that,the performance is good while producing least amount of heat.

    Intel did it better this time around with the 14 nm CPUs
    Here is a fun fact :
    m5,m7 cost the same as i5,i7 .The i5 and i7 are more powerful than their corresponding core m.

    Then why do they cost the same? Because m3,m5,m7 are fanless

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    The Broadwell Core M variants were all made with a 14 nm lithography as well. That has not changed. The m5 and m7 are actually more expensive than the i5 and i7. I do, in fact, realize that this is due to their fanless low power capabilities and their relatively small design.

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    The Intel website actually lists both i5 and m5 at the same price o.O
    Where did you get that info?

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    I’m sorry, you are correct. I was thinking about the desktop Core i prices.

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