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Thread: What Music Streaming Service Do You Like the Best?

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    What Music Streaming Service Do You Like the Best?

    What about Xbox Music / Groove? I would think there are a fair number of users with the Windows 10 and Xbox One integration. (However, even as a Groove customer, I cant see many voting for it as their favorites)

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    I guess I didn’t think about that one… If anyone uses Groove, please send me an email

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    I’m curious myself as I’m about to run out of Apple Music and may want to find an alternative.

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    Rdio FTW
    Nice UI, clean and minimal
    Chromecast support :works fairly flawless, MUCH better than Google Play Music does
    Remote Control Mode: allows me to remote control off web and mobile app sessions
    Roku app
    Fire TV app
    Web app
    iOS, Android and Windows Phone support, (never tested the Windows Phone app, so I dont know if its up to par feature wise, but at least it exists and seems to get updated somewhat frequently)

    App can be SLOW at times (although the latest Android beta is quite snappy)
    Stations are not as good as Songaza (now Google Play) or Beats Music (now Apple Music)

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