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Thread: Super Mario Run.... Smh...

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    Super Mario Run.... Smh...

    Undecided because I CAN’T FREAKING DOWNLOAD IT YET!!!

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    Rest assured….you’re not missing much.

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    It’s obviously a game for the Candy Crush/Angry Birds crowd. I doubt it’s going to satisfy Super Mario Bros. fans and I honestly doubt it’s meant to.
    That said, I really think Nintendo has more or less lost the plot at this point, or at least lost me as a fan. If they want to be a casual gaming company, fine, and if it makes them a lot of money, fine. But I don’t have to follow them or buy their games anymore.
    Nintendo didn’t used to be like this. This is the company that made the original Donkey Kong that I still can’t even complete a single level of most of the time. It may look cute, but the game is hardcore. Yet it went on to become a beloved classic that spawned all these sequels. Would Super Mario Run have inspired that same legacy?

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    It’s fine. Undecided whether to dish out $10 or not. I want to see Nintendo embracing 3rd party hardware more but this is not that great. There are better games available, with an Apple TV companion, for less.

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