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Thread: Weekly Critique Thread: November 1 - November 7

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    Weekly Critique Thread: November 1 - November 7

    Here we go!
    Holga CFN 120 – ASA 200 – 120 Roll Film
    Was trying out some double exposure effects, and am fairly happy with the way it turned out. To be honest I forgot how double exposures worked in the moment I took the photos, and had no idea what I’d get back from the developers!

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    Ahhh, interesting.
    When I first looked at it I was thinking "what’s going on with that lens flare?" but now I can see the double exposure.
    I think it would work a bit better if her right eye was visible, it’s a shame that the sky cuts it off. And probably the first exposure could have been a little bit darker to show off the "double" a bit more.
    Still, a fun experiment!

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    Thanks! Yeah, the composition didn’t really turn out the way I was hoping, the buildings cut out just a little too soon. Perhaps I’ll try again soon to get a better version of this photo!

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    I really like this. Its a nice perspective and the double exposure gives it a retro/warm lens flare feel. Nice blend of colours too.

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