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Thread: Are monopolies really all that bad?

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    Are monopolies really all that bad?

    Yes. Monopolies destroy competition, breed complacency and encourage abuse.

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    But iPad has kept on pushing forward the boundaries without competition. Google is still innovating on Search despite the death of Yahoo. Facebook still ‘improves’ it’s offering despite there being no other option out there where we can share pictures of our car alongside learning about our aunt’s newest streak of racsim.
    While monopoly should is bad in theory, it doesn’t seem to be in practice.
    Does it?

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    Incorrect. The iPad has competition from Surface and Chromebook, hence the Pencil, Pro version, keyboard cover, and education focus.
    Yahoo may be dead, but Bing is very much alive with ~20% marketshare in the US and close to Google in search quality. There’s plenty of advertiser interest in Bing, since it’s cost-per-click is lower. It would be folly to say Google isn’t concerned about it.
    Facebook doesn’t really improve anymore – it simply buys out the competition and, in that respect, abuses its monopoly the most.

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