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Thread: Spotify app is unintuitive garbage.

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    Spotify app is unintuitive garbage.

    Yeah, I went Spotify last year mainly for its PlayStation 4 app. I wasn’t too impressed with the interface either.
    I switched back to Google Play, which isn’t perfect (still tons of triple dots) but it does what I need it to fairly well, especially searching for stuff.
    I never liked Apple Music, but I’ve heard they’ve updated their interface since I last used it.

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    I like Play Music except for the fact scrolling is really stuttery on the iPhone, especially in the actual track listing within an album (inexplicably because that’s just a text list)

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    Haven’t used it but from your post it doesn’t seem very intuitive.

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    This person sounds like an extreme case, and you should not be scared to use it if you would.
    It has a 4,5 star rating on both Google Play and App Store, so it can’t be total garbage.

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    Sadly no one can do a good mobile music app

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