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Thread: SSD upgrade for laptop + buying a new laptop advice (UPDATED 4/11/15)

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    SSD upgrade for laptop + buying a new laptop advice (UPDATED 4/11/15)

    Personally I think that the only excuse in getting a thick laptop is either it has a dedicated graphic card (not necessary in your case) or be very upgradeable and No, a thicker laptop doesn’t guarantee a better keyboard (this you must feel yourself in a store and decide). The fact is most thin windows laptops still have upgradeable storage in the form of m-SATA or M.2 SSD’s and 8 GB of ram is still enough for your use scenario for years to come. If you want a touchscreen I highly recommend a convertible otherwise the position is not that practical. Most thin ultra books since Haswell usually get at least 5 h of battery, usually more.
    I would recommend you the dell xps 13 2015 at 1000$ i5 5th gen 8gb without touchscreen version
    Or the acer aspire R 13 i5 this thing even has TWO m.2 drives in RAID 0 and Touchscreen
    for comparison this is what I have since I wanted good dedicated graphics an aspire R7-572g with the standard 750 gb HDD and I added an 120gb M-Sata ssd and now it has a fast SSD for OS and a big HDD for storage, best of both worlds, I love it, but it is not for everybody.
    Regarding the yoga pro 3 or any other Intel Core M laptops, I don’t think that intel broadwell coreM processor is that future prof, for now it is decent but several years( 5 years is quite a lot in the tech world) in the future it might get underpowered. An 4th or 5th gen Core I5 is a much safer bet.
    I find it a shame that you invested a lot of money in an End of life laptop

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    Thanks for the tips. I do sort of regret upgrading this laptop, but it’s still alive and kicking and I could probably keep it for another year if I really wanted, but I feel like I’m due a new laptop after all this time, finishing grad school, and now having a real job. Considering the ways I’ve wasted money in years past (girlfriends, tattoos, etc), $199 doesn’t seem too bad of a mistake.

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    there are plenty thin laptops that have 2.5" drives. I can’t really recommend something specific without knowing what you’re looking for (size, power, price). Just one example would be the XPS15, which comes with an HDD in its cheaper configuration, easily swappable to an SSD.

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    I’m leaning towards sub-4 lb laptops 13-14 inch screens, aiming for a budget of under $1500. One thing I do a lot of on my computer is spreadsheets and documents and my vision isn’t terribly great, so I’m thinking if I get something with a good screen, it should also scale well.
    One laptop that has caught my eye has been the new HP Spectre x360 ( Engadget and Ars Technica seem to like it on first impression and I had no idea that Microsoft collaborated on it until I read the Engadget article.
    Do you Quad HD is worth it? My current laptop is your standard 1366 768 on a 14 inch, so the 13.3 inch 1080p IPS touchscreen should be a definite step up.
    I’ll definitely check out the XPS15, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

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