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Thread: Florian Mueller (of FOSS Patents) works for Oracle as a paid analyst

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    Florian Mueller (of FOSS Patents) works for Oracle as a paid analyst

    So instead of linking to a respected source of original coverage you link to another one that even open source advocates are embarrased to quote these days?
    Let me spell it out for non paranoid people: Florian offers excellent free coverage of interesting legal topics.
    He also does consulting work.
    Would you expect companies that he points out being in the wrong like Samsung, Motorola and Google to hire him?

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    (As usual) you completely changed the argument, ignoring the topic at hand. Florian wrote the disclosure on his site (as I mentioned), Groklaw didn’t fabricate any portion of the story. You then accuse Groklaw of being in ill repute, without any citation.
    Groklaw is plenty reputable, and far more “Open Source” (read, crowd-sourced) than Florian’s blog.
    The irony is palpable. You should go read the story now, as this is exactly how Oracle came to hire him.

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    Groklaw is quoting Mueller himself. Their analysis carries a bias, as any opinionated piece does. It is completely irrelevant to the fact, which Florian himself discloses.
    I wrote the post, and am of the opinion that Groklaw is a better place to seek more objective IP news than Florian’s blog. You are completely free to start a new topic and link to his blog post if you wish, but do not change the subject of this discussion.
    I clearly stated that Florian himself made the disclosure statement on his own blog. Read before commenting so we can have a constructive conversation, please.

    Posted onApr 19, 2012 | 4:10 PM

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