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Thread: Ethical Gray Areas

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    Ethical Gray Areas

    You could make a claim that it comes under fair use, certainly it’s not ethically piracy. The person sharing the file may be breaking copyright laws, but you probably were not. In fact it could come down to the exact source of the rip.
    As for the broader question, I personally try to avoid pirating. I own over a terabyte of legal video from iTunes, along with boxes of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. I will share music with friends, and sometimes copy music from friends to try, but if I end up listening to something significantly – I’ll buy it. Often I’ll even buy music from artists who are willing to give it me for free. For indy musicians I will try to buy the music via whatever service will ensure maximum returns to the artist. On the other hand I have no problem ripping a DVD I own so I can put it on an iPad, or cracking a game I own if a no-CD version runs more smoothly.
    TL/DR If you enjoy something, then pay for it, and there will be more of it to enjoy. But having paid for it, don’t get hung up on IP law technicalities if that will impact your consumption.

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    Copyright infringement exists only legally and as the law is written right now you are in the black side of that gray area.
    Morally I myself think that it’s only fair to pay for something and see a big problem in downloading movies you did not pay for. I see no problem at all in ripping DVDs for my laptop. I would also have no problem getting a torrent for a DVD I own if I did not want to rip it.
    In fact I think it’s pretty bad that studios feel justified in selling blu-ray + digital copies(with DRM too) at a higher price than the blu-ray alone.
    I really hate DVDs and having to wait for the FBI warning. I love getting movies on iTunes/netflix without all the ad/waiting/menus crap. I just don’t like so much that all my stuff will only play on Apple hardware. Not very future-proof.

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    I dealt with this conundrum recently as well. I ownedA CD i bought back in the 90’s (The Fugees: The Score.). AS one of my favorite discs, it got plenty of use, and abuse. Now, it’s unreadable because of all the places it’s been. At first, I considered hitting up BT and just downloading a new copy, but after thinking about it for a while, I figured: If this is something that I want replaced that bad, don’t I owe it to the artists to throw them a dime (maybe literally) for a new copy?
    Same with Harry Potter. If your kids are such fans of the movie that you wanted THAT movie to show them, maybe it’s worth it to buy an extra copy. Worst case scenario, you could give it away later as part of a Secret Santa program!
    Legally, you are also liable for infringement since you used bit torrent and uploaded as you downloaded.

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    hypothetical situation. also i don’t have kids, im 12

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