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Thread: The best laptop you can buy

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    Right well when they factor in the cost of a windows 8 or 10 license for bootcamp for the mac so it can run ‘normal windows software’ It easily pushes the Dell over the macbook.
    Most people in work environments cant get everything done with a mac. maybe 80-95% of what they do can be substituted, but there is always 1 or two apps. Now if you remote in to a corp machine running windows and run the program there, maybe. However that still counts as running windows to me.

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    The best laptop you can buy

    Oh and those macbook magsafe chargers constantly crap out. its the entire case for them selling you applecare.

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    NO MagSafe don’t "constantly" crap out…. Everytime I see your name in the comments your just hating on Apple..

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    Nexus is a well known troll. Mostly just unsubstantiated Apple hate. Just move on.

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