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Thread: Batteries are increasingly becomig the less important part of...

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    Batteries are increasingly becomig the less important part of...

    I don’t think battery life is ever a serious purchasing point when buying a gaming laptop. Most buyers go into the decision fully aware that 99% of the time when they game with their laptop it will be plugged in.
    Battery life on any gaming laptop is and always has been notoriously bad.

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    but an innovation in battery technology would definitely help

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    Yes, no doubt, that would be awesome.
    But unlike CPUs, where we learn how to make transistors even smaller and more efficient each year we have kind of hit a brick wall with the development of the lithium-ion battery

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    Problem is the it is not a large market segment to and there aren’t alot of compnaies that make computer batteries. The industry has been building the other components to be more energy efficient (such, as SSD, Processors). Gaming machines the graphics cards are getting more powerful which require more power resulting in less battery life. My can take a gaming machine and do excel for 3 or 4 hours but play a game you get less than 2. The industry has been moving to more mobiel devices for the 20 years.

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