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Thread: Watch Amazon, Google and Starbucks explain their UK...

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    Watch Amazon, Google and Starbucks explain their UK...

    That sounds interesting, but all I see is a black screen that says “Waiting for stream.” I’m in the U.S., but that shouldn’t matter for this, right?

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    I’m in the UK, but I had that for a few hours today (Tuesday), around when you posted your comment. It’s working now for me if you want to try again. Also, the stream seems to start with a few minutes displaying a test card. You can just skip forward a little.

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    Why didn’t you mention Microsoft and Apple in your statement? Since Apple makes the most money wouldn’t they be the #1 target of inquiry? How silly.

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    Because I was talking about a particular session of a House of Commons Select Committee where they questioned Google, Amazon and Starbucks.
    Why did they only look at them? No idea. Perhaps they’ll come to others later, or perhaps they only need a few examples to draw their conclusions.

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