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Thread: Why I stopped using an adblocker

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    This is why ad blocking is really no big deal. There are plenty of people out there like you who really don’t mind ads. Everything will be just fine.
    I have ZERO guilt blocking ALL ads. I think monetization through ad placement is lazy. I also want to support good content, which is why I buy books, pay to go see movies and buy ad free TV shows on iTunes. But I will not support laziness. If the Verge wants money from me, they’ll have to try harder than showing me ads I have absolutely no interest in.

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    Why I stopped using an adblocker

    I know right? It’s the same reason why I pirate tv shows, films, games, software and music. There are enough folks paying already after all.

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    So if I turned off AdBlock but ignored the ads anyway, is that also stealing?

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    So if I wouldn’t pirate anything, and also doesn’t watch or listen to anything, is that also stealing?

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