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Thread: Suggestions for DIY Desktop PC

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    Suggestions for DIY Desktop PC

    $400 or less…
    You will have to cut back significantly on processor, mobo and gpu. Here is the thing, when you cut on price for those, your build size expands. Micro ATX models and mini ITX builds are viable.
    Look for the pentium G3258 for a good low cost, scalable processor. Core i3 of a newer generation is the upper limit. Core i5 would likely be a 2600k. Newer generation core i5s cost about $200. Cooler master makes good compact cases at affordable prices. Fractal design does as well. The gpu can be an AMD r7 260 or an Nvidia GTX 750 ti. The cost of the motherboard depends on how many ports you want. If you dont plan on upgrading, you won’t need 4 ram slots, multiple PCI-E lanes or multiple sata ports.
    Salvage the PSU unless its an OEM unit. Whatever you build at that price will use minimal power.

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    I’d recommend you check out, it helped me a lot when I did my custom build.

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    or to get balanced suggestions for your price range

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