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Thread: Weekly Critique Thread: April 17 - 23 - Closed

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    Weekly Critique Thread: April 17 - 23 - Closed

    D5100 | 200mm | f/8 | 1/250th | ISO 100
    Great kiskadee. Really loud fella, makes for a lousy neighbor.

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    I really like the simple elegance of this. Even if the wee bird wasn’t there it would have been a nice architecture shot but the bird makes the photo all its own.
    The cool white balance works as well, is that as it was shot or did you tweak it during PP?

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    Thanks! White balance is as shot. Took the picture during the late afternoon, with pretty clear, deep blue skies – a lot of blue seeps into the shades.
    We’re well into autumn down here, so I felt the colder tone also fits the mood.

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    I love the way the angles of the shadows (declining downward right) seem to reflect the architectural angles. This alone makes the picture interesting. The bird is great as a little focal point for the photo. Nice work.

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