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Thread: College Student In Search of a Good Bag

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    Is that laptop thick as well? I didn’t know they still made 6.2lb laptops, except maybe Alienware or something. :O Wouldn’t a 15" MacBook Pro have done the job?
    I can’t really help you, but I don’t think it’s important which backpack you get. Just get one with a decent waist strap, and USE IT.

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    College Student In Search of a Good Bag

    PS: Get a backpack. Don’t get a messenger. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if that was clear from my post.
    Incase may make one that’s in your budget. I find their products well-designed, but not “bomb-proof”. They’ll fit your budget.
    If you don’t mind spending more, brands like Booq and Brenthaven are trusted and reliable, but they’re kinda ugly.
    Crumpler’s Dry Red backpack (forget the exact name) is another option, but that’s probably closer to $200 than it is to $100.
    A backpack is a bad place to skimp. The laptop is heavy, but if you’re carrying books as well, and maybe a water-bottle and a lunch, jacket, umbrella, etc, then you’re going to have to spend a bit more and buy something worthwhile.
    “Do it once, and do it right.”

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    I got an Incase backpack, I forgot which one since it’s not on the site anymore. They’re pretty good.
    While I don’t go to college, I do carry a 15" rMBP and a 15.6" HP Elitebook in the same bag along with chargers and two notebooks. I don’t feel the weight at all.

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    I agree. As someone who used both a backpack and a messenger/laptop bag in college your shoulder will thank you for using a backpack, which more evenly distributes weight. Especially if you have lots of books to carry as well.

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