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Thread: iTunes for Windows - Why all the hate?

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    iTunes for Windows - Why all the hate?

    I have been asking this to myself myself for some time, and still got to find an answer…
    What honestly bothered me (and probably still would) when I was a Windows user was – being myself an UI enthusiast – Apple’s terrible habit of fauxing the Mac OS interface on top of its Windows applications, instead of simply embracing the OS’ native UI.
    That said I too found it to be a pretty solid application, and not the horrible bloat that people usually makes it look like. At the very beginning (I was “forced” to use it when I bought my first and only iPod in 2005) I hated the library concept, but quickly got used to it and never had any significant problem that I can think of.

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    Spotify can be an option for you? streaming music is the next big thing now.

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    Not really. A) I want an equalizer, and B) I’m 100% sure they’re not going to have everything in my library, not even close.

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    i don’t get how anyone solely relies on the cloud for music. Tunnels? Airplanes?
    I guess less people than i thought travel?

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