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Thread: Gawker Outs Condé Nast's CFO

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    Gawker Outs Condé Nast's CFO

    I think it’s ridiculously unethical, below Gawker (even Gawker!), and potentially harmful to more people than they think it affects.
    Time for apologies, retractions, and resignations/firings. Seriously.

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    Gawker’s been outing and pseudo-outing people for a while and usually it was anti-gay politicians and celebrities who were ‘fair game,’ but this one is indefensible. Holy shit.

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    I don’t think even being anti-gay or a celebrity should open people up to this sort of intrusive crap.

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    If only there was a way to make rubbish sites like Gawker pay for ruining people’s lives like this. Unbelievable. What level of moral ineptitude must one sink before they decide to publish something like that? Oh I know, Gawker’s level.

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