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Thread: Upgradeable Xbox

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    No idea where they got the upgradeable xbox part. Thought he made it clear they want to put out new revisions of the xbox every 2-3 years with better specs. Games will work on matter what revision you have, just that the newer ones will play have better graphics or play at a higher framerate. Sony will be doing the exact same thing.
    Im just hoping there will be a good upgrade path. Wouldnt be surprised if they do exactly what Apple is doing now and start leasing them out. So you can either buy the system out right. Or go on a 2 year lease and after its done either keep it or bring it back and get a new one and continue the lease.

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    Upgradeable Xbox

    This is how I see it this
    Next year Microsoft announce two new systems.
    Xbox One Mini – same hardware as XB1 shrunk down, maybe missing the Blu-Ray drive. Target price is ~$150.
    Xbox One (v2) – more powerful hardware, VR, 4K etc. Full price.
    To Microsoft this is the same generation because all games continue to work on all consoles (with reduced visuals on XB1 v1 and XB1 Mini)
    Another 3 to 4 years go by and they shrink the XB1 (v2) and release the XB1 (v3) at which point devs stop targeting the original Xbox hardware and focus on 2nd and 3rd generation.
    The architecture of the XB1 was made for a strategy like this.

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    You’re suggesting MS make the Xbox One smaller, keep the same amount of power, and lower the cost by $200 (over half) just by dumping the blue-ray drive? While launching a more powerful system at the current price—a price that’s barely profitable with current hardware? That’s… exceptionally optimistic.

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    You’re right.
    I don’t see three Xboxes in the market at the same time – XB1 OG, XB1.2 and XB2. Makes no sense to spend more resources on the XB1.2 AND cut the price when they already have the XB1 OG that they can sell at a discounted price. ahlam99 is suggesting way too many hardware variants – I can’t imagine 5 variants in 3-4 years: XB1 OG, XB1 Mini, XB2, XB2 Mini, XB3, with 4 out of these predicted 5 coming out in a period of 4 years. No way.
    What he’s suggesting is that every gen has a regular and Pro version, and every Pro getting the Mini treatment.
    I can’t see it. No way.

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