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Thread: Apple accussed of planned obsolecence and price gouging...

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    Apple accussed of planned obsolecence and price gouging...

    Could Apple make its devices more repairable? Perhaps. I say this because moves like soldering ram to the motherboard does arguably help save space, even though it means you can never upgrade your laptop after purchase.
    Does Apple have to? No. I assume people go in with eyes open, and they have already factored this in. At the end of the day, it’s just one of many considerations to make when deciding whether to own an Apple product or not.
    Does it matter to consumers. I don’t think my friends and colleagues are ever going to crack open a PC to repair or upgrade it, however easy or straightforward the process. They aren’t tech-savvy users, Apple knows it, and so expandability and repairability likely aren’t high on their list of priorities.
    Personally, for me, I have never cracked open my Apple devices. The one time my iMac developed screen issues, Applecare took care of it without me having to lift a finger on my part, so I wasn’t really inconvenienced by the inability to crack my iMac open. The one time I might have regretted this was when I wanted to install a SSD inside my iMac. Ended up paying a 3rd party retailer to install it for me, but since I am uncomfortably around PCs myself, I doubt I would have done it anyways.
    I did recently replace the SSD on my 2012 MBA with a larger, faster one though. Surprisingly quite simply.
    IMO, it’s just sour grapes. It is not Apple’s duty to make repair jobs any easier for 3rd party retailers. Apple doesn’t owe them anything.

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    Your poll is hilarious. You ask a this-or-that question and the choices are Yes and No?

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    I don’t know how to answer your poll….o_O
    What am I saying Yes or No to?

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    Lol you need to fix your poll.
    I fixed the poll, that was a pretty bad mistake on my part. I proof read the post but not the poll.

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