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Thread: Why do people hate targeted ads?

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    Why do people hate targeted ads?

    I’d wager that it’s increasingly uncomfortable for some folks after all of the NSA revelations, etc. I’m sort of indifferent/immune to targeted ads, honestly. And I’m really surprised more studies aren’t done regarding the likelihood of internet users learning to just completely ignore ads (subconsciously).
    As in, I’m able to focus solely on the content I want to read and that’s it. Everything else on the page is barely ever noted. The only form of advertisement I do fall for is video which plays automatically — but even then, I pause it and try to immediately forget the product/brand out of spite.

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    I don’t think people hate targeted ads.
    They hate other invasions of privacy or being forced to do things they didn’t want, but ads are not high on that list.

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    From what I’ve seen over the past 5 years. People HATE ads. Period. I’ve seen complaints about TV ads and how don’t want to see them since they pay for cable.

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    that’s just what I was gonna say except for the “ads are not high on that list!”

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