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Thread: What features would you want to see on a mobile-only gaming...

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    What features would you want to see on a mobile-only gaming...

    Hmm, this is interesting, because most multiplayer gaming applications utilize tcp protocol, which requires the creator of the server to set up port forwarding on their router, in order to accept in-coming traffic from the internet. The only way the servers could be more accessible to the users who want to connect to the servers, would be to have some sort of server registration. Otherwise two problems inevitably occur, the servers available on the automated system are all created by the game developers, and possibly hired third party companies, or the list is never updated with new servers, which results in a useless system that does basically nothing, rather than make things easier.

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    That ideology wasn’t the direction I was going in. I was thinking more of a streamlined approach were users would posts requests to the app and get replies from others who are interested in playing a particular game with someone, and if they are qualified (depending on their level, status, etc) on a particular game and they appeal to the player who requests to find new friends then their gamer tag would be revealed to them and they can then take it from there. I’m just looking for other features that gamers would like to see in such a community app. I’m not saying it only solves matchmaking, but it’s just one of the many features I was thinking of.

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    Why limit it to just mobile? o.O
    I mean sure,there are a lot of "mobile gamers"…it is just that,majority of them are casual gamers.
    You will find a lot more serious gamers on PC, the type of users who want to participate in community discussions
    PS : I would like to know the reason why you want to go "mobile-only"

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    Hey @phani_sai. By "mobile-only" I meant a gaming community that only exits on an app. It’s like the Better Company app or the shots app, but for gaming and it only exits on a mobile device (of course it will be expanded for web, but I prefer to put it on mobile and see what happens (for both Android and IOS)). This app would welcome all types of gamers. The purpose of this post, and I should probably make it more clear, is to gain feedback in terms of what gamers might want to see in a community based app made just for them. I personally love seeing funny gaming screenshots, and in-depth discussions, so I would love to make this app solely for gamers to have a couple of laughs and some great discussions, but for the purposes of this post I wanted to see what other features people would want to see in such an app.
    Also, by allowing myself to get feedback from a community now, I can actually make an app that people would want rather than going on my own to make an app that people would present feedback later (which might be a bad idea).

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