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Thread: Mass Effect Andromeda: Vanguards of the Ai

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    Mass Effect Andromeda: Vanguards of the Ai

    I’ve tried to stay in media blackout mode myself (with the exception of those rigging failures and early ratings). for the most part I just want it to above all else try to recapture the atmosphere of the trilogy (3 more than the others).
    Besides that, IDK, Driving around the not-mako and "Kirk-ing" it.

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    Yeah man. Same. I unfortunately gave in to see the Early Access gameplay, and I just loved everything. So I just stopped watching in hopes to not spoil anything else. Seeing the krogans, salarians, turians etc. from the milky way gave me all the memories to bring a smile to my face. I honestly can’t wait. Oh and the Tempest looks SOOOO badass.

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    Well, I’ve played a few hours (just landed on eos) and while I haven’t been running through the animations with a fine tooth comb but there is one thing graphically that’s been bothering me every time I’ve seen it. What is up with everyone’s omni-tool. Can frostbite not render translucency or something, everyone’s omni-tool looks fuzzy and distorted , almost like its missing textures.

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    I actually haven’t noticed that. Are you still on eos? =P
    I brought Eos up to about 87% viability so I moved on with the story.

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    there’s two different types of omni-tool, one in game-play that looks more traditional and the one that everybody else has (or in your case also have). its a different design but looks incredibly grimy and looks broken a lot of the time.


    Oh I see. Yeah that looks atrocious

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