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Thread: Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

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    Smartwatch Apps: How useful?

    I only use Shazam for on the go music spotting and WeChat to chat with the occasional Chinese clients while I’m on the go.
    The rest are mostly Apple Apps which are designed and work flawlessly for everything else.

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    Shazam would be nice to have on a smartwatch. Seems it would be super convenient.

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    I think it depends on the OS of smartwatch one is using. I am testing out the Gear S3 Frontier to see if I will like the OS and navigation in anticipation of the Gear Sport. There is a speed app that tells me how fast I am driving(good way to test out gps and it was close to as accurate as it can get), Under Armour has a good fitness app as the Gear Health app is lacking some metrics. Those are really the only apps I tried as there isn’t too many app. The key app I want is breadcrumb navigation is, but no one makes such app for Tizen(and I think WatchOS just an app like this last Spring). Sadly, GPS isn’t that good, the Sport may hopefully fix that, but it maybe more or less the same. Not to mention app support is still not going to be up to snuff with Android Wear or WatchOS.
    Not really a smartwatch per say, but when I was testing out the Garmin Vivoactive 3 I tried some of the apps from the app store, and some of it wasn’t that good(more of an issue not being optimized for that model).

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    I use many airline apps, Tube/Metro Maps, parking, heart monitor and recent new one, V for Wiki.
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