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Thread: Surface Pro 4 vs Dell XPS 15

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    Surface Pro 4 vs Dell XPS 15

    The SP4 will provide enough power for your daily work for now and a couple of years into the future. The one thing to look at might be Premiere. I think they got rid of the Mercury rendering engine a couple of years ago and now support both Nvidia/AMD equally. Premiere is the only program that might make you do additional research. I hope this helps.

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    My Premiere usage would be occasional. It helped, thanks.

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    Consider the Dell XPS 13 for less money?
    In addition to what nupe118 has said, ask yourself if the touch/pen accommodations Adobe has made to their software for the Surface are interesting worth it to you.
    The Dell probably has better battery life and will last a bit longer.

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    I thought about it, but I would have neither the XPS 15 power nor the SP4 pen, so…
    I would use it in Illustrator and to do brush/masks/whatever related stuff in Photoshop.

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