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Thread: Should I buy a 4K TN Monitor or a 2K IPS Monitor?

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    Should I buy a 4K TN Monitor or a 2K IPS Monitor?

    Honestly, you are not trying to be a competitive FPS gamer, so the small "frame lag" you will get because of IPSisn’t worth not getting it.
    That said, this depends a LOT on the rest of your setup looks like. If you are not touting the capabilities to drive 4K, then don’t waste your money. Some people prefer a 144hz 1440p panel.
    I use 3 1080p panels. All of them are TN. I do zero things that require color accuracy and I’m not a color accuracy guy. I just have simple needs. That said, I game on 1. The only time I use 3 is when I am using VMs and "working" (on things I do for fun…)

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    2K IPS, there are still enough drawbacks in Windows to make 4K a poor tradeoff.
    RPS explains it here:

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    Write-in: What about a 27" 1440p IPS monitor? A good one of those costs about the same as a bargain basement "just cram the specs in there somehow" piece of junk 4k monitor.
    Once you go IPS it’s hard to go back.
    On the other hand I’ve used a 5k iMac and it didn’t make me hate my non-5k 27" monitor.

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    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that by 2K he/she really means 2560 1440 27". If they’re having such a dilemma it must involve those instead of a "2K" (whatever that means, the closest resolution to DCI 2K is 1080p in PC monitor standards) since their price and size is roughly the same as 4K TN monitors (UHD to be specific).

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