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Thread: Most powerful console is never the best-selling

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    Most powerful console is never the best-selling

    People don’t care much about hardware specs.

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    That is true. Hardware specs do not matter, outside to the hardcore techie niche. People don’t care which hardware is more powerful, and at some point the law of diminishing returns kicks in.
    Especially if the more powerful console has market issues, such as being much more expensive at launch (PS3, NeoGeo), or having an expensive and developer unfriendly game storage format (N64) or was the victim of anti-competitive behaviour (Sega Master System).

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    I absolutely do but only when it makes a noticeable difference. I can tell a huge difference between 900p and 1080p.

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    The definition of generations of consoles may be technically correct, but when each gen covers consoles that launch 2, 3 or more years apart, it is obvious that there will be huge differences in power. Like the original PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 – the latter launched 2 years after the first, so of course it would be more powerful but sell less.
    This time around, presumably Scorpio and PlayStation 4 will be the same gen, but again years apart. Meaning Scorpio will be more powerful, but the PS4 has a 50 million head start in sales…

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