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Thread: Who is still using Adobe Flash

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    Who is still using Adobe Flash

    Haven’t had Flash on my laptop for almost a year now and browsing on Safari feels so much nicer. However, I do have Chrome installed in case I come up against a site that refuses to dump Flash, like Twitch.

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    Some good news – Twitch has stopped using Flash for the live chat!

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    It’s on click to play in my browser and I literally could not surf without it. I honestly don’t understand how people can get by without it even now, unless they are actively avoiding sites that use it. But even something like copying the links to a photo in Photobucket requires Flash (it shouldn’t, but it does). Most web video is still Flash. And I have to browse the web sites of a lot of the vendors my company deals with, and some of their entire homepages are Flash.
    Much as people here seem to want it to go away, my experience is that it’s not going anywhere. I’ve actually thought about just re-enabling it completely (I mean taking it off click to play) but then I remember the whole reason I set it that way is CNN’s stupid auto-playing videos. That really does drive me nuts. No web site should be auto-playing video, regardless of what tech they use.

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    That is just not true. Over 80% of web video was available in non-Flash versions when stopped supporting it a few years back. Have you got something that checks for non-Flash video?
    Most of the companies I deal with have had their sites redone to remove Flash because of the high number of mobile hits they get these days. In fact my neighbour is a web designer and a huge number of his jobs are revamping Flash-heavy sites. He is doing one for our local Indian Restaurant right now where even simple menu buttons have been done in Flash.

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    Who else remembers the days when all restaurants had flash intros? Even before you could look at locations or menus. Bad times.

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