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Thread: Does the CWL Quick Trade System work on Linux?

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    Does the CWL Quick Trade System work on Linux?

    Does anyone know if the CWL Quick Trade System will work on a Linux OS machine?

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    It is designed for Windows and Mac OSX, but they may be able to assist with any compatibility issues or at least point you in the right direction. Even if you can't run it on a Linux OS, you can always use a VM. But, yes, talk to CWL first. Their tech support staff are very switched on, in terms of this sort of stuff.

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    I have no ideas about linux, but really for the sake of a couple hundred pounds for a basic windows laptop/pc, I would suggest that you get one. I’ve been trading with CWL since 2010 and certainly have no regrets.

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    I have and use a few of other operating systems but running linux (ubuntu) on my day-to-day desktop. So are you running the Quick Trade System, or one of their other software products?

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    I was trading with the quick trade system initially, but have recently graduated to the Day Trade system. I do a lot of freelance programming, at home, so it just made sense for me to spend more time trading as I have the plenty of spare time during the day

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    Ok cool. Did it live up to the promised standards that I was led to expect? I’m currently only 90% sure that I want to proceed with this, the most appealing thing to me being that I’ve not traded before and it's all very exciting to me. My technical skills are superb, but next absolutely zero stock market experience... Would you say this platform is suitable for someone in my position?

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    Yes, I'd think so. The quick trade is very simple to use, so it sounds like you’ll have no problems there. I did have foundational trading/market knowledge, before I started, but to be honest they hold your hand from the start anyway.

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    Just had an online demo of the CWL Quick Trade System, I was very impressed and I might go ahead with it. Are the returns on the sales brochure reflective of the true figures? I need a first hand CWL quick trade system review...

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    I singed up to CWL about a year ago. More-a-less since then I average about a 9% return, but I'm not running the system as consistently as I'd like to/as I probably should be! I'm sure it's just like anything else in this world - the more you put in the more you get out.

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    Took the upgrade at the end of July, looking at getting into daytrading. No issues with the CWL quick trade system, just had to call them for a new security code. call went straight through, job done in 10 minutes

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