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Thread: No listing under MSConfig Boot tab / not sure what to do

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    No listing under MSConfig Boot tab / not sure what to do

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    Hello mcomp72,

    I am guessing that when you made the backup clone of the drive that not all the system reserved partitions was included. Lets look at your bcd...Go to search and type cmd and run as admin. type bcdedit > c:\bcd.txt Copy that into your next post.

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    Here is what was inside the TXT file:

    The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
    The requested system device cannot be found.

    Also... I'm not sure if this is relevant, but in case it is:
    - My BIOS is UEFI
    - My new SSD is formatted using GPT
    - I don't know if my old SSD was formatted using GPT or MBR

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    For Windows 10 typically you will have a..

    System Reserved 100MB (System,Active,Primary Partition)
    Windows 10 partition C: (boot,page file,crash dump, primary partition)
    450MB (recovery partition)

    For a UEFI/GPT SSD drive you will have another partition between system reserved and C: called the MSR Microsoft Reserved.

    By the sound of it you made a clone of a drive, but didn't include the other partitions. Then you cloned that to your new drive. The system doesn't know how to boot the system as the UEFI boot record is all messed up and the partitions are all messed up. You will have to reinstall windows 10 fresh so that those partitions are properly built.

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