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Thread: CWL Aftermarket Portal

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    CWL Aftermarket Portal

    What’s the transition from paper trading to live trading with the CWL Aftermarket Portal, is there a settings change that enables this?

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    There’s no settings change it’s simply a matter of involving a broker into your trades. I’d suggest talking to your analyst as they walked me through this stage. It’s not hard!

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    Ok thanks – I’m looking at Hargreaves Lansdown as a potential broker, anyone have feedback on their trading facility?

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    They offer online share dealing at £11.95 per deal, or as low as £5.95 per deal for active traders but you’d need to check the requirements to qualify as an ‘active trader’. I use X-O as they just have a one off flat fee of £5.95 per trade. Again my analyst walked me through the options and I think from memory I got a list of suggested brokers with the CWL Aftermarket Portal pack that I received.

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    Right – just to clarify are you still using the portal? If so, how many trades would you undertake in a month? They’re £8.95 per trade if you do between 10-19 trades per month.

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    Yes I am a current user. Some months I’d do more, some less – hence why I prefer X-O. You’re a pretty recent user I take it?

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    I am yes, I’ve been papertrading for a week now. The interface is very straightforward and I’m looking forward to entering the market as soon as I’ve got the broker sorted. Has it been all it’s cracked up to be for yourself?

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    I think you’ll be pretty happy with everything. It has certainly exceeded my expectations however I was pretty pessimistic initially to be honest given the hype surrounding the portal. Best decision I made with respect to my trading though.

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