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Thread: Pictures folder names - don't like the date format Britechguy?

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    Pictures folder names - don't like the date format Britechguy?

    Maybe one for Brian? Saw the Picasa post.

    I use Canon EOS software to extract photos from my camera. They go to my Pictures folder. I have the EOS software set to name folders as YYYY-MM-DD

    I specifically set the separator to be a hyphen, not an underline as I do not want YYYY_MM_DD

    Folder names come out in the precise format I do NOT want.

    Any ideas why this is being overridden? Windows naming screwing things up? Picasa, of course, simply reflects what occurs previously and in any event I don't know of anything there that would amend this for me.


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    Not sure if it will work but you can change the default date format for Windows 10 in Control Panel but this will change everything, not just photo folders.

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    No, no change. I now have Windows instructed to show YYYY-MM-DD and EOS software configured the same but it still auto-creates new picture folders with Underscores _ instead of hyphens -.

    Why oh why will this damn operating system not do as it's told?

    Thanks for suggesting the possible fix.


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    I don't believe it's the OS.

    I use FastStone Image Viewer (which does way more than just viewing images) as my image manager for multiple devices including a Sony digital camera and a couple of smartphones.

    It creates a directory structure starting with YYYY. Under that the photos are loaded to a folder named YYYY-MM-DD, and I have elected to have all photos renamed from whatever the device might call them to YYYY-MM-DD_HH.MM.SS.extension

    Works without a hitch.

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