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Thread: PS3 and component cable

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    PS3 and component cable


    I want to record my PS3 gameplay so bought a game capture device to do so. That requires a component cable for PS3 rather than HDMI.

    So I finally got it set up with the component cable and it's only displaying at 576i and it's not full screen.

    It is connected to the TV by HDMI cable from the capture device and only displays under the HDMI source on the TV.

    I tried clicking upscale on the PS3 game settings menu but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    TV aspect is 16:9 which I'm sure is what it's always on.

    How do I get it to full HD resolution?


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    Set the best resolution your TV and para enjoy the best quality images .

    The PS3 system can display two types of resolution : High Definition ( HD) and standard definition ( SD ) . Consult the manual of your TV instruction see para v compatible video mode .

    Video mode HD * / Aspect Ratio:
    1080p / 16 : 9
    1080i / 16 : 9
    720/16 : 9

    Video Mode Standard Definition / Aspect Ratio:
    576p / 16: 9 , 4: 3
    ** 576i / 16: 9 , 4: 3

    * This number indicates the number of scan lines . Note that ' i ' stands for ' interlaced ' and ' progressive ' 'p ' stands . Use progressive mode results in HD quality with flashing Minimum.
    ** The video output settings of the system will display as [Standard (PAL ) ]

    That's what I did for one game teamseoblasteo uno

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    I am not certain the PS3 can do more than SD over component. Not all TV's support 720p - 1080p via component. Also, the PS3 may not let you do more than 576p because it is technically a DVD/BluRay player. Part of the design, unfortunately.

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    Thanks for the replies. Totally forgot I asked this, but eventually found the answer on the Playstation site and found the settings on the PS3 to change it.

    My TV manual is useless anyway, but it certainly doesn't have anything regarding the PS settings and it's set up for HD already.

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    content from reference site

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