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Thread: Can't Access Secure Sites

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    Can't Access Secure Sites

    Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Web Sites ---> There are a number of possible causes, which in turn have 7 suggested fixes. You can test your ability to connect to SSL sites using these SSL tests:

    Microsoft or Ebay

    If you get the "page cannot be displayed" then I'm afraid you can't access SSL sites.
    An example of this picture can be found here!

    Here are the steps that you should try to fix your "secure sites problem".

    Verify that Internet Explorer Is Using 128-Bit Encryption:

    • In Internet Explorer, on the Help menu, click About Internet Explorer
    • The level of encryption on your computer appears next to the words Cipher Strength.
    • Verify that the Cipher Strength value appears as 128-bit
    • If the Cipher Strength is anything less then 128-bit, download the "Explorer Internet High Encryption Pack" to your computer's hard disk, and then install it.

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    i was surprised to see my problem in one of the first forums i chose. i have had this problem for several months now, and i tried all the suggestions on your post, however none of them worked. having my computer at home is almost pointless without this ability. do you have any more suggestions? my dsl provider once told me that there was a bug that caused this. i have ran all my virus software, my firewall is off (other than windows) i have spybot and have ran it, everything is coming up with nothing...i don't know what else to do. i even did a system restore all the way back to october. please help!!
    any help you can give will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi delews

    Do you have a router at all?

    my firewall is off (other than windows)
    So, you mean Windows firewall is on?


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    Can you temporarily turn off the firewall and see if you can connect to secure sites. After you have checked, please turn it back on.

    You read how to do so here.

    Let me know what happens.


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    content form reference site

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