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Thread: Outlook 2010 blocked long filename attachments since June patch

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    Outlook 2010 blocked long filename attachments since June patch


    I've noticed users having installed the June updates cannot open certain attachments. They are automatically blocked by outlook 2010. So far I've seen .pdf and .docx blocked and the only common factor is the length of the name (so long they were truncated and have the "....docx" at the end). Users who haven't installed the updates yet can access the attachments without any problem.

    Level1Remove in the registry doesn't work.

    Has anyone else encounter this issue? And does anyone know how to fix it?



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    Hi G,

    Exactly the same here, still looking for a fix. I tried the Level1Remove in the registry doesn't work with no luck.

    In addition to not being able to open attachments our users can't send them. The only temp fix I have is to shorted the file names to just a few characters.

    Second time this Month MS has caused problems with updates.



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    In case it helps somebody else.

    Sending emails with attachments:

    Instead of dragging the file to be attached, use copy and past or from the ribbon Insert and Attach file.

    Hope this helps

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    It isn't just long file names but also something like this "Example, Inc..docx" will be blocked in Outlook 2010

    Outlook 2013 and 2016 will not block that.

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    content from referenece site

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