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Thread: Switching PC

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    Switching PC

    Looking to upgrade my PC. Looking for a gaming one without having to go Razer or Alienware since i'd never use them to full capacity. You guys got any recommendation?

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    1. What type of games are you planning to play?
    2. What is your price range?
    3. Do you expect to upgrade any of the components?
    We need a better idea of what your asking for exactly to provide you good suggestions.

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    oh right mostly RTS games the heaviest would be Overwatch (not RTS I know). Price range would 3000 dollars max. And no not planning on upgrading components in the forseeable future.

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    $3000 USD? That’s a lot of bang for your buck.
    Off the top of my head you’d probably be best off with:
    Latest generation i5 or i7
    GTX 1070 hits a nice balance between performance and price, the GTX 1060 is better value for 1080p gaming
    16GB RAM
    512GB SSD
    3 or 4TB HD

    As an aside I would opt for a graphic card that has water-cooling built-in, or you use a bracket adapter like the Kraken G10 to use any standard AIO water cooler. You get much cooler graphics card operating temperatures.

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    With a 3,000 USD budget you can easily get a last gen i7 + GTX 1080 combo.. even on a branded gaming machine (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc..).
    If you instead build by yourself, 3,000 USD is really a lot of money, OP can maybe even target a Core Extreme processor, albeit that doesn’t really make sense unless the OP is serious about OC (and spend some money and time to get the right cooling system).

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